So, as my subscribers know, I am currently testing the PPV waters. I got to say its pretty frustrating so far, but that was to be expected since I know that most people quit it before they make any money. I would like to say that I am having much better results than I did with CPC advertising. I think this is because I was trying to use Adwords when it was somewhat saturated. Plus the fact that they filter so many things makes it almost impossible to create a successful campaign with Adwords and affiliate offers. PPV is a breath of fresh air when it comes to setting up an actual campaign. Bidding directly on keywords and URLs without a quality score to worry about is wonderful.

     Most of you know that I am not a fan of Adwords since I previously wrote a weekly rant about it. PPV allows me to go out and use any URLS or Keywords than I feel relate to my niche. Now saying that I realize that its a double edge sword and that it may seem like a blessing, but could ultimately be the cause for a campaign not being successful. It’s nice to be able to go after anything you want, but you need to beware of words and URLs that do not convert. You get a little “Target Happy” when you get automatic approval and you end up with 1000 targets for a campaign that you can get away with using only one. This is where you are tested. You might have found a crazy keyword that brings you 300 hits in a day, but converts maybe 1 or 2 leads. Now that’s ok if you are running a big payout lead, but if you are running a submit then you might have to look elsewhere for traffic. A solution might be to bid lower on that target which may keep you from getting rid of a converting target, but limit the cost.

You can go 1 of 2 ways with your campaign:

  • First you can have many targets all at minimum bids and weed out the big traffic earners that don’t convert well. There you will get limited traffic from each keyword, but it will be a lot of traffic combined at a low cost.
  • Secondly you can try to bid on 1-10 targets that are high converting, but a little more expensive to bid on.

      It’s a preference thing and really depends on what you are advertising. A key thing is to remember you dont always need to be top bid. Everyone gets their traffic and more popular links still give decent traffic with lower bids.

     Blah, blah, blah right? Yea a lil slow and boring, but really it has been the biggest thing that I have learned in 2 weeks of doing this. I guess the whole point is to test. If you test then you will be able to find out what strategy you need to use for your specific campaign. Bid high on some or bid low on a lot. You WILL lose money. I have lost money. It wont always be the case, but no one gets into this and makes money right off the bat. Remember that and stay with it. I don’t feel like I am doing well right now which frustrates the HELL out of me. I contemplated giving up on it and going with other means of earning money. Prostitution was a thought, but i like late night TV way too much. No stopping me now though. I will continue with PPV and Affiliate marketing. Email me though if you are lonely, i’ll consider side jobs. ;) Later Bums!!

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