It’s Coming Back To Me Now!

Ive let my readers down. I gave up and I went on to more boring and lesser profitable ventures. Yea that’s right, I GOT A JOB… Yea one of those real things where they pay you a salary and you work a certain amount of hours during a specific part of the day. It’s been about 3 months now and I can honestly say…. I MISS YOU GUYS. Yea I can’t give this up and I promise you all that there will be more to come on this website from me. I have not made enough money to call the journey a success yet, but I am learning a little something about how business should and shouldn’t be handled. At the moment I am an Internet Marketing Consultant / Salesman. Mainly helping local businesses improve their visibility over the internet. I love talking to the people about what I know and why it is important for their businesses, but the sales part of it (hardcore cold-calling) is just a pain in my ass. Everyday calling people and having them listen to me talk and telling me they are not interested after letting me speak for 10 minutes. Shoot me. A good day is when I get to go to a clients place and break it down. Talking websites and marking makes me a happy boy.

So what brought me back? Well 2 things really got me back into the marketing mood. First, the incredible amount of readers who have signed up to my blog over the passed 7 months. Seems like every day I am getting a new member to the site which makes me feel like a real ass since I have done nothing to earn it for the past few months. Second, I am looking for something else to do to make money. I’m not active on the net with the job I have now. I want to be the one designing or blogging. All I do is talk and I know I didn’t get into this to talk for a living. I belong on the computer and not the phone. This is why I am going to do my absolute best to bring you more and more content every week. I have some plans in the next few weeks where I will be doing some PPV advertising so that will be great and I’ll make sure to share everything I think will help.

I cant write a blog and not share something with you, so I am going to give you a helpful link that I found tonight. I was looking at some jobs that were out there and I submitted a few resumes to SEO Expert listings. I know I have done a lot with SEO in my life, but what is considered an “Expert”. Well in my search for this answer, I looked up some tips pages where I could kind of brush up on the basics since I have been out of the game for a little bit. I came up on this one site with 54 tips. I wanted to share it because I went to about 4 other websites previous and all of them gave me 10 tips and pay for the other 47. Don’t you just love it. Thank god I haven’t been out of the game too long and know to KEEP SEARCHING. I did so and found this . Take a look if you are kind of unsure about how SEO works. This will help you A LOT with PPC campaigns and relevancy. A lot of it is pretty standard stuff and if you are well versed in SEO then you can skip it, but it was a nice little refresher for me.

Read the Beginner's Guide to SEO

Seriously take a look… amazing read.

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