So a man by the name of Josh Todd did all of his readers a big favor and wrote this PPV guide. Since this whole journey is about be learning and starting from the basics, I thought this would be a nice read for me. Turns out that this was the most useful thing I have read online about affiliate marketing that was free. Please understand, I say this knowing that what he is talking about is for the beginner looking to start with no basic grasp on PPV advertising. I have very little experience with PPV and I feel like I got a lot out of the targeting and bidding sections of this pdf. He explains in the introduction that you cant make millions from this alone. He simply wrote this to give you a platform to think for yourself and become an innovator. I really did get that feeling when i was reading this book. As i went through the steps, my mind was thinking of the twists and that was exactly what he meant for this to do.

     Like I said, this is a free pdf. All you have to do is give your name and email address and the site will send you an activation link, then an e-mail with the pdf link. I would just directly link you to the pdf, but He did a lot of work and should get some credit for it. I hope you guys benefit from it like I think I will. I am going to set up some campaigns later today, so watch out for a V-Log later for an update. – PPV 101 – Everything You Need By: Josh Todd

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