Well I should start off telling you that my name is Steve. Basically I am a bum, so for the purpose of this blog you may call me The Bum. I am 23 years old living in sunny California. I am currently going into My 6th year at Cal Poly Pomona as an E-Business student. Being a student athlete in college slowed me down a bit acedemiclly, but now I am back on track to graduate this Spring.

     My Journey started in 2004. I was a Myspace Marketer. Basically I was one of those people who had thousands of friends and would sell accounts and bulletins to REAL advertisers. It wasn’t fun because I had to deal with a ton of scene kids who actually thought they had 100,000 friends. I hated those people. Anyways, I got tired of all that childs play (even though I was making around 1-2.5k a month from it) and figured I should try to be the people who were buying from me. In 2005 I opened BumLine.net as my first dive into being a real webmaster. I ran Zango ads on it for the longest time and then finally someone talked sense into me and I started Google Adsense. I won’t go further into all of my websites that I own, but if you care to see them then look at the links in the sidebar.

     Now comes my purpose. I have been successful with websites, but seen it all crumble right in front of my eyes. I am living at my parent’s home and now have no money. I am on a mission to make a living for myself and on my own. I have never had a real job in my life. 23 years old and self employed since the beginning. My plan is to keep it this way for as long as possible and I want to document it in this blog. I will be starting from nothing, I have started from nothing. I will make nothing into a fortune and I will show you the transition from Bummin’ to Ballin’ … Along the way I will share with you what I have learned, read and experienced. Obviously some methods I attempt will have to remain secret, but If I see something to share then you can bet that I will be bloggin’ it up for my subscribers. I want my story to be the next persons inspiration. I want to show those who don’t see the potential in all this that you don’t need anything but the will to learn and the patients to fail. I will fail… and fail some more, but I will learn from my failure ant grow from it. This is my journey in Affiliate Marketing… Dirt Poor to Filthy Rich!!